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Talent Show with Questionable Talents…


Tonight we hosted our famous talent show. As usual, there were many characters with very odd talents. One skit in particular was based on a true story—one team reenacted  Coach Erik getting emotional during the movie the Dark Knight Rises. Apparently that movie was a very emotional experience for him. This was the winning skit and the team coached by All-American Sammy took home a prize suited for true champions: a large Domino’s pizza. 

During the morning session, we reviewed  and videotaped the backhand stroke. After getting some solid instruction time in, we moved onto college drills and olympic games. The olympic games remain very close as all the campers know that there are many grand prizes on the line. After a long session, we headed back to the dorm for a break in the air conditioning while campers reviewed their backhands in slow motion with their coaches. 

We kicked off the afternoon session by introducing the most important stroke, the serve! Director Frank discussed many important aspects of the service motions before campers got into hitting. They are already on their way to having Roddick rockets serves! They put these serves to great use during the evening session matchplay. Tomorrow we will take out the radar gun to see who has the biggest serves in camp. 

We will be up bright and early to continue working hard on the courts!

Ending the day with casino night!


The first full day of camp has come to a close! To kick off the morning session, we reviewed the forehand and each camper had their forehand videotaped. Campers later analyzed their forehand technique in slow motion with their respective coaches. Speaking of forehands, Mr. Shank (Coach Erik) showed his true skills while demonstrating forehand drills to the campers: after hitting about six straight forehands in the court (shocking), he proceeded to shank the next five balls over the fence—classic Erik. However, campers worries were put to rest as Coach Sam, also know as All-American Sammy, did not miss one ball. If any campers would like an autograph, All-American Sammy will be here all week. 

After a long morning session, we moved onto backhand instruction during the afternoon session (again Erik shanked most of the balls hit to him during the demonstrations). We also played many fun olympic games such as pass the racquet and rally count. Olympic winners will receive some big prizes at the end of the week. During the evening session, campers again participated in College Cup Matches , game courts and one on one private lessons. College Cup scores posted below. 

Though this is a tennis camp, clearly the most important event of the day was Casino Night in which campers had the opportunity to play games such as roulette, Hi-Low, Blackjack, Dice and Uno. Many lucky winners went home with wilson prizes and an assortment of candy—candy came straight from the Wilson factory. We have another long, fun day of tennis ahead of us. Looking forward to getting up early and getting after it on the courts!

Texas Def. Duke 19-16

Vanderbilt Def. Michigan 16-13

Taking our talents to Gambier, Ohio


Just when you thought Coach James, Coach Erik and Coach Sam had taught enough tennis for one summer, they packed up their gear and took their talents to Kenyon College, home of the Kenyon Lords and Ladies. Quite legendary mascots if you ask me. Erik, James and Sam are joined by our new coaches and friends Kara, Alex and this week’s Camp Director, Frank. Camp is already in full swing as both campers and staff members have spent ample amounts of time on and off the court getting to know each other. We began our first afternoon session with a brief orientation and moved right into stroke evaluations. Afterwards, we headed over to the dining hall to have some of the fine campus cuisine—often compared to the five-star Morton’s Steakhouse. 

As we headed into the evening session, each camper was placed on a College Cup Team for matchplay. The College Cup Tournament will go on throughout the week with the winners bringing home some Wilson prizes. Scores from the matchplay will be posted on the blog each night. In addition to matchplay, campers had the option of having a 1 on 1 private lesson with coaches and competing in an array of fun games on the game court. After a long evening session, campers and coaches headed off to the nearby soccer field to play an intense game of capture the flag. As always, it was a close game with Coach Sam leading his team to victory and eternal glory. We capped off the night with some ice cream—is there any other way to reward oneself after a long day on the court? I think not. 

We have another full day of tennis ahead and could not have had a better start to camp!

Texas Def. Vanderbilt 19-12

Duke Def. Michigan 19-9

KENYON COLLEGE: We have our first set of pics up on our FACEBOOK page. Please like the page and check out the photos - HERE


Our first camp at Kenyon College is underway and we will be posting lots of pictures and stories from camp this week. 


Congratulations to Katie, our Racket Winner this week!

B-Dogs Popularity Rises


After a long Tuesday chalked full of tennis, campers returned to the courts for another full day of tennis and other fun activities.  A small group of campers drew the short straw and had to wake up early for 8 A.M. tournament matches.  After the tournament matches concluded all the campers joined together for our morning session where we reviewed singles strategy and got some new tips from Director David.  After going over the zone tennis from yesterday, Director David introduced offensive tennis.  Specifically, the two step offense, inside out forehands, and swinging volleys.  To demo these drills, Director David needed the assistance of the camp celebrity, B-Dog.  The crowd seemed even more energetic than they did yesterday!

Tomorrow will be a day for the history books as we have many big events planned such as.  First and foremost we have the finals of the college cup tournament with the battle between bitter rivals, UCLA and Hawaii.  Additionally a champion will be crowned in the all camp singles tournament and will claim there legendary prize: Beats by Dre headphones.  And on top of all these exciting events we have our main event of the camp, the all camp around the world!!!  Few conquered this amazing feat.

In addition to all the amazing tennis events planned we will hosting our weekly raffle.  Many campers will go home with an array of Wilson prizes and candy—as a reminder, the candy is made exclusively in the Wilson factory in Brussels.  No joke.  Looking forward to finishing camp on a strong note tomorrow!

UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI: Our energetic bunch of campers today!

Zero Tolerance Tuesday Goes Off Without a Hitch


The day began with Director David informing campers of his favorite holiday—Zero Tolerance Tuesday.  Unfortunately, this is the one holiday where relaxation and lackadaisical effort are not accepted.  Both campers and staff members put forth their best effort as we progressed through a long, hard day of tennis.  However, some fun was thrown into the mix by Director David at the expense of certain counselors.  Coach Erik, it just seems you cannot win this week :(.  Maybe a nice five star meal at Buffalo Wild Wings (Erik’s favorite establishment) will cheer you up.

To kick the day off we introduced the concept of zone tennis in which we split the court into 3 zones; the green zone, the yellow zone, and the red zone.  Specifically, we focused on the defensive zone (the red zone) and reducing the amount of unforced errors from the baseline.  To emphasize the importance of the 3 zones, campers spent a significant amount of time playing live points out while coaches helped them alter the strategies they are accustomed to.

During the afternoon session, we discussed many crucial doubles strategies.  Most importantly, learning to volley on the same side of your body, moving as a unit and not individual players, and that down the middle solves the riddle.  During the doubles demonstrations campers learned of two new superstars among the staff, Coach Chelsea and Coach Brandon, also known as B-Dog.  B-Dog captured the campers hearts with his enthusiasm for the game and misguided love for Michigan.  Coach Chelsea on the other hand provided the camp with a prime example of how not to perform the drills.  It’s okay Chelsea, we know you’ll do better next time.

Looking forward to another fun filled day of tennis tomorrow!

College Cup Results:

Vanderbilt defeated USC 47-37

Pepperdine defeated Northwestern 37-34

UCLA defeated UC Santa Cruz 44-42

Hawaii defeated Oregon 34-29

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